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​Frequently Asked Questions & Other Information
Stainless Or Aluminum?​
Stainless steel propeller versus an aluminum propeller is a common question our boaters ask.  Of course, the first difference is price.  An aluminum propeller is significantly less expensive than a stainless steel propeller.  Performance is another difference.  Stainless Steel will last longer than aluminum.  Aluminum propellers can lose their pitch and rake after a while and this will change the way your engine performs.  Stainless steel will hold its shape longer which will allow your engine to perform at its peak longer.
                    **But, what if I hit something? - Some people worry that if they hit something with a stainless steel propeller, it will tear up their lower unit.  This can happen with either stainless steel or aluminum.  If you hit something hard enough, it doesn't matter which prop is on your boat.

Should I go with a 3 blade or 4 blade prop?
For the majority of boats on Lake of the Ozarks that are just leisurely cruising, a 3 blade will do just fine.  For boaters that require more lower end and mid-range (for example: boaters that want to pull skiers and tubers), a four blade prop will give them the boost they need.  In most cases with a four blade prop, you will have to sacrifice a few mph on the top end.

For propeller terminology, Michigan Wheel has a wonderful list on their website.  Check it out. 

As The Prop Turns

The Spare Prop Saga

by George & Dorothy Peter on 10/03/17

Over the past 25 years we have had several conversations with our boaters.  The one that never gets old is the "Spare Prop" suggestion.  We believe every boater should have spare props for their boat.

Props are like tires.  Imagine going on a road trip.  You pack your clothes, some food.  Check your oil and such.  Wouldn't you also check your spare tire.  What if you get a flat and you are in the middle of nowhere.  That spare tire and the proper tools to change it can save your road trip.

A spare prop is the same.  If you are our out in the middle of the lake and you hit a log and throw a blade, your boating trip and vacation is pretty much over.  You can try to idle all the way to shore, hook your boat up to the trailer and bring us your damaged prop.  Or you can put on your spare prop and enjoy the rest of your day.  Most props can be replaced right in the water (just don't drop anything in the lake).  Of course it is always safer to bring the boat ashore and replace the prop.  When your boating trip is over, stop by the shop with the damaged prop and we'll get in rotation for repair.

Having a spare prop(s) and hardware is the smarter way to go for any boater.  It's convenient, time saving and helps prevent ruined vacations on the lake.

Swing by the shop today and let us get you some extra wheels for your boat.

What Do You Get With A Propeller Repair?
Propellers are repaired to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications using the proper pitch blocks and confirmed by our pitch and rake gauge.
A welder specializing in TIG welding will weld the propeller (if needed) to replace missing metal and strengthen blades. Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Bronze, NiBrAl.
Stainless steel propellers can have a satin, high or glass polish finish.
Propellers are sanded and formed to keep the diameter true.
Propellers are balanced on our static balancer.
Aluminum propellers are painted black or any other color of your choosing.
Brass/Bronze/NiBrAl propellers are given a high polish or matte finish, whichever is better for the integrity of the propeller.
Propellers are shipped using United States Postal Service unless you specify otherwise.